The Alya System - Large Scale Computational Mechanics
Alya overview

The Alya System is the BSC simulation code for multi-physics problems, specifically designed to run efficiently in supercomputers.

In Alya, these two main features are complementary, which makes the code especially well-suited to simulate complex problem in different domains of Science and Technology.

Alya simulates:

-Incompressible Flows: turbulence (LES, RANS, DES), free surface, low-Mach approximation,...
-Compressible Flows: supersonic, low-Mach local preconditioners,...
-Combustion and chemical reactions: tabulated chemistry, thickened flame,...
-Non-linear Solid Mechanics: large deformations, non-linear material models, XFEM, composites, contact, ...
-Species transport equations
-Excitable Media: electrophysiology
-Thermal Flows: heat transport in solids and fluids
-N-body collisions of arbitrary shapes

The code is used in several application domains, such as:

- Aerospace
- Automotive industry
- Biomechanics and bio-medical research
- Oil and Gas
- Wind Energy 
- Environment
- ...

Alya is part of the PRACE Benchmark Suite. It has shown high parallel efficiency for tens of thousands cores in supercomputers around the world, such as Marenostrum, Blue Waters, SuperMUC, Fermi, etc.

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